"The only final purpose and reason for all music should be the glory of God and the relief of the spirit."


With an extensive career as a pianist, educator, composer, and conductor, Ivan Cítera has established himself as an exceptional talent in the world of music. From his debut at the age of nine, performing Wolfgang A. Mozart's Concerto in A Major K.488, to his studies at renowned institutions like the Hochschule für Musik in Frankfurt and the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid, Ivan Cítera has cultivated a path of excellence and international recognition.

His outstanding artistic performance has been widely acknowledged, receiving prestigious awards in festivals and competitions in France, Argentina, and Venezuela. Notably, he received the Konex Award as a Revelation Artist of Argentina in 1999 and was appointed Corresponding Academic by the Academy of Music in Argentina in 2001. Ivan Cítera has graced numerous stages across Europe and America, collaborating with prominent conductors and musical personalities. Moreover, his recorded works have garnered significant acclaim from the international press, showcasing his versatility and interpretative prowess in various repertoires.

Since his arrival in Spain in 1990, Iván Cítera has undertaken enriching pedagogical work alongside his distinguished artistic career. His dedication to musical education is evident through numerous courses, masterclasses, and lectures, encompassing topics like piano interpretation, phenomenological contributions to music, and effective study strategies. During his stay in Spain, he actively collaborated with renowned educational institutions such as the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón in Zaragoza, the Escuela de Música "Maese Pedro," the Escuela Superior de Música Musical Arts, and the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid, where he held the position of professor of piano and chamber music. Furthermore, his reputation as an educator led to invitations to conduct courses and masterclasses in various locations across Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and Argentina, solidifying his international presence.

Ivan Cítera has demonstrated his commitment to promoting and disseminating music through significant projects. Among them, the creation of the "Project on J. S. Bach" stands out, a program dedicated to conferences and performances exploring the complexity of Bach's music in piano interpretation, along with the notable influence of Luther on the life and work of the renowned German composer. Additionally, in 2012, he founded the EIDIM Music Interpretation Seminar, an annual event held at the Universidad Adventista del Plata in Entre Ríos, Argentina. Since 2019, he has been the founder of the SDG Music Ministry project, which became a Cultural Association in 2022, where he plays a prominent role in conducting orchestra and choirs with charitable purposes.

Through these various initiatives, Ivan Cítera has showcased his tireless passion for music, considering it the greatest divine gift bestowed upon humanity for its development and communication.

A piano school in constant evolution and development.

Iván Cítera comes from a double line of piano schools. The two great teachers who have contributed the most to his training were Poldi Mildner and Antonio De Raco. Both with very defined schools. This combination has been the basis and root that has generated its own school with the guarantee of the heritage of the Viennese and Neapolitan schools, and which constantly evolves and develops it.




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Cultural Association

The non-profit Cultural Association SDG Music Ministry is a project of a choir and orchestra with a group of young people and music lovers with a basically sacred repertoire and with presentations of solidarity profile.

The name SDG is based on the signatures of Bach and Haendel, and is an acronym for

Soli Deo Gloria.

Cultural Association


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